Bijan Restaurant


dreamstime_6848421Bijan is a family owned and operated restaurant with a warm ambience and an intimate setting. Bijan offers authentic Persian Cuisine made from original recipes and Halal, as well as a variety of Mediterranean dishes such as Pizza, Pastas, Kabobs, Vegetarian Entrees, Salads, Stews, Poultry, Lamb, and Seafood and much more with modest Persian influence. The restaurant’s wine list and signature cocktails are designed to easily pair with the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors Bijan has to offer. The food is always prepared from freshest ingredients to ensure the delicacy and taste.

Our restaurant exudes a high-energy atmosphere where people laugh, toast, tell stories and have a great time. Our inviting patio and the newly added lounge offers a great atmosphere to unwind after work, while enjoying our signature tapas and drinks, or to set the tone for an alluring and comfortable atmosphere during the weekends.

We specialize in private parties and catering for your events. You can also enjoy Bijan’s private dining experience at our private banquet. We offer Belly dancing shows on most Fridays and Saturdays in the main dining room.