Bijan Restaurant

Group Menu


All appetizers served with fresh flat bread (Naan)
Vegetarian Items indicated with *

5 people10 people15 people
Hummus combination of garbanzo beans mixed with tahini, garlic, lemons and olive oil* $17$33$50
Kashk e Bademjon roasted eggplant with fried onion, garlic, mint, walnut , yogurt sauce*$17$33$50
Dolmeh Bargground beef, fresh herbs, rice and yellow split peas wrapped in grape leaves$17$33$50
Sabzi and Paneer Organic fresh herbs, onions, walnuts, olives and feta cheese * $17$33$50
Maust-O-Khiar homemade yogurt dip with cucumbers and mint* $17$33$50
Maust-O-Mooseer homemade yogurt with crushed elephant garlic* $17$33$50
Combination Plattercombination of 3 of any above appetizer $22$42$62
Grilled Garden Vegtables skewer of fresh marinated vegetables*$22$42$62

Mediterranean Soups & Salads 

Add to your salads: Ground Beef $4.Chicken Breast $4.sauteed shrimp $5. Grilled Salmon $6 (per person)

5 people10 people15 people
Classic Caesar Salad Crisp romaine hearts and Parmesan and croutons with Caesar dressing*$17$33$50
Greek Salad lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese and olives with vinegar dressing* $17$33$50
Shirazi SaladPersian salad made with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions in our dressing* $17$33$50

Charbroiled Kabobs

All kabobs served with choice: 1) Basmati rice  2) Salad  3) Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Koobideh Kabob (Kofta) ( $10.50 per person(min of 10 ))
Skewers of ground beef seasoned with spices, onions, and saffron
Chicken Koobideh (Chicken Kofta)
Skewers of ground chicken breast seasoned with saffron and spices
Koobideh Combo
Combination of one skewer of ground beef and one skewer of ground chicken
Joojeh Kabob (Chicken Kabob)
Skewer of chicken breast marinated with lime and saffron sauce
Joojeh with Bone
Skewer of Cornish hen marinated with olive oil and saffron sauce
Joojeh Soltani
Combination of chicken breast and ground beef